Friday, July 13, 2012

Kutztown 2012

Ok, I stole 2 photos from one of my favorite blogs- Brothers-Handmade.  Both Joel and Rob were at the Kutztown Folk Festival.  They travel around the country, take amazing photos and blog about the shows and exhibitors.  I look hot, temperature wise, certainly not style wise.  Maybe because it was hot!  I have one of the coolest spots in the show, under big trees, and there is usually a nice breeze blowing-  sometimes too much breeze. Everything is clamped or tied down.

Talking about being hot, the Wheaton Arts Glassblowers were there with regular demonstrations.  They are a real crowd pleaser and help to educate people about glass.  I love to watch them, but I prefer to work with my torch on a  much smaller scale.  We usually get to discuss glass a few times during the week, which is always fun.  Hope to see them next year again!

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