Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Millifiori weekend

Last weekend I got to torch for 2 days with my glass tribe.  We picked a theme this time- millifiori.  For non-glass people, you make a thick cane with a design in it and pull it out to 1/4"-1/2", cut it into slices (milli's) and apply those slices to a bead.  Lots of work, but the results can be great!  I started with an attempt at a pink flower cane, but the colors were too close so the design couldn't be seen.  Then I made a cane with stripes on it.  They looked very organic to me, so I made several beads with ivory, silver leaf and dark amber, and applied the milli to that.  One of them cracked unfortunately.  I do like these beads and will explore this more.  Then I tried another flower cane using blue glass.  I didn't have time to cut it into slices and apply them to a bead, so I don't know if the cane was successful.  We will see.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Kutztown 2012

Ok, I stole 2 photos from one of my favorite blogs- Brothers-Handmade.  Both Joel and Rob were at the Kutztown Folk Festival.  They travel around the country, take amazing photos and blog about the shows and exhibitors.  I look hot, temperature wise, certainly not style wise.  Maybe because it was hot!  I have one of the coolest spots in the show, under big trees, and there is usually a nice breeze blowing-  sometimes too much breeze. Everything is clamped or tied down.

Talking about being hot, the Wheaton Arts Glassblowers were there with regular demonstrations.  They are a real crowd pleaser and help to educate people about glass.  I love to watch them, but I prefer to work with my torch on a  much smaller scale.  We usually get to discuss glass a few times during the week, which is always fun.  Hope to see them next year again!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Kutztown Folk Festival is over!

The Kutztown Folk Festival is over!  It is 9 days long, and this year was grueling.  It was hot, hot hot all week!  We drank lots of water, ran fans, used neck coolers, and drank smoothies that were so cold they hurt going down. I had lots of help all week, but there were times when I wondered why I put myself through this!  Doing shows is hard work, and this is one of the hardest.  But I guess the bottom line is I love meeting the people who like my work enough to give me their hard earned money for it.  I would be creating my beads and jewelry regardless, and I feel blessed to be able to have a great business that I love.