Saturday, August 13, 2011

Baby quilt

I have 3 sisters, and we all like to sew and quilt (when we have the time!)  Years ago, when the first niece became pregnant, all of us worked together on a baby quilt as a gift, and we have continued that tradition for each new baby.  We decide on a pattern, one of us buys all the fabric and distributes it to the others.  Each of us makes blocks that are then mailed to one sister to join and finish. 

The technique for this quilt was a new one for me- pierced paper.  According to the directions, I cut out the paper pattern pieces and sewed them to the fabric.  All those pieces were joined, and after each block was finished, the paper was torn out.  It was not an easy process, and thank goodness one of my sisters came for the weekend to help me.  I can't say I liked it much.  A lot of fabric was wasted, which to me runs counter to quilting!  But the resulting quilt is beautiful!

Most craftsmen and artists have skills in so many different fields!

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