Saturday, May 14, 2011

Furry family members

 I visited one of my sisters last weekend and I remembered to take my camera.  This is Thomas.  She rescued him from a shelter a while ago, and he is a real sweetheart.  Big orange cats are so mellow!  He shares his love freely with anyone, and is pretty vocal about it. 

My sister bought a folding laundry basket and he has claimed it- guess she will have to buy another one.
Of course I have to add a photo of my furry family member.  She is over 15 now but you would never know it.  She came from a shelter too.  I wish more people would adopt from shelters- there are so many kittens and puppies (and cats and dogs) that need a good home, and they make the best pets!

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  1. OMG - we have that same foldable hamper and our Peeves loves it. I think she and Chloe took turns playing in it when Chloe was just crawling. I remember there being lots and lots of laughing… Beautiful furry babies!