Monday, July 12, 2010

Kuztown Folk Festival 2010

What a week!  There were 3 days over 100 degrees and one day of rain.  I drank lots of water, used my neck coolers constantly, had fans running, and managed to survive.  In my 15 years at the festival, this was the toughest.  (Well, the year of the tornado and storms was tough too!)  The funnel cake stand was right across the street from me, and I only had 2 all week.

My friend Carrie spent 5 days demonstrating for me.  She made lots of beads and  explained the process to lots of people.  Notice the purple neck cooler, and the bandana on her forehead to stop the sweat from rolling into her eyes.  The kiln is behind her, so she got the heat from all sides.  
My other demonstrator was Jenna, who was there for 4 days.  She started making beads when she was 11, but only gets to torch once a year when she demo's for me.  She managed to miss the really hot days, but still needed a neck cooler.  Both of them are really dedicated and I had to remind them to take a break once in a while.

The old fashioned birch beer wagon is just down the street, but I have never tried it.  Our big treat this year was smoothies- so cold on a hot day!  I also bought a big bag of roasted almonds to munch on all week.  This was not a week to diet- I had an ox roast sandwich, bratwurst, bbq pork, corn pie, funnel cake- you get the picture.  Now to launder my long dresses and pack them away for another year.

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