Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hot hot hot

Here in eastern PA it has been hot, hot, hot this summer!  I remember last winter, when we were all tired of the endless snow!  This photo was taken in Feb, early in the day, with lots more snow coming.  Now I am tired of being hot any time I go out.  Thank goodness our house is air conditioned!  It has been running almost nonstop, and I am dreading the electric bill when it comes.  We have been making some changes to reduce the bill, like putting the tv and computer on power strips and turning them off that way.  We had already changed all the light bulbs to more efficient ones and try to be more aware of turning lights off.  All this has helped, particularly since our electric company was deregulated last winter and the rates went up something like 30%. 

Stay cool, everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Seeing that snow makes me appreciate the heat... Maybe because I'm in the AC now too - nice and chilly! Makes me appreciate the AC too after being outside trying to garden then come in to be sweating so much it doesn't stop pouring off of me... I can't wait until fall!!! Miss seeing you! Need to come up your way for some diner food and hanging out soon!