Thursday, June 24, 2010

Window beads before

I am getting tired!  There are only 1 1/2 weeks until Kutztown Folk Festival and I am working hard.  My fingers are getting sore from all that wire wrapping putting jewelry together.

These are some window beads waiting for me to grind and polish the windows- a before photo.  I keep forgetting to work on them, and I really do need to finish them up this week.  That is a nice job on a hot day, since I get soaking wet grinding them.   Maybe tomorrow. 

My friend Alice St Germain just got her website Succulent Glass up and running again.  She still needs to add content, but the bones are there and look good.  She even started a blog!  Congratulations on getting that far!


  1. Louise, I can't imagine the work you're doing to prep for this big show, much less how you'll have the energy for all those days. I think you need to sell out early, so you can relax the last few days!

  2. That would be nice, but not likely!