Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Open torch!

I am lucky enough to have a glass tribe.  Years ago we met mostly in workshops, became friends and started getting together to torch, fuse, cast and any other glass activity we could think of.  A while ago we lost the location we used, and we really missed it.  Recently a friend moved into a house with a large garage, and she set up the garage as a glass studio.  Last weekend, we converged on her garage and spent the weekend working together again, at long last.  We had 6 torches and 3 bead kilns set up, along with space for fusing and casting, and a kiln or two for that too.  It was so much fun spending two days working and talking glass with friends who are as fascinated by it as I am!

Because I am getting ready for a huge show (Kutztown Folk Festival), I spent the time making beads, experimenting  with new colors.  I learned some new combinations that work, and some that don't!  It is all good!

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