Thursday, July 18, 2013

Down time

What it is about so many of my creative friends that makes us feel guilty if we are not working?  After working so hard for several months to get ready for the Kutztown Folk Festival, I thought I would take a month off but that is easier said than done.  I have unpacked, cleaned and reorganized all my show stuff.  I don't have a show for 4 more weeks, so I can relax, watch some tv or read a book.  But my mind won't shut off, and lots of ideas are rolling around in there.  I am spending the weekend torching with friends, sort of a busman's holiday, but it really is a vacation for me.  I will spend that time exploring new ideas.  Some of those ideas will develop nicely and others will be total fizzles, but I look forward to just playing on a torch and having fun!  It is a great way to get re-energize!

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