Sunday, March 10, 2013


 What fun to try something new! I have been zentangling once a month with friends, and this month we tried doodling on fabric.  The first photo is before and the second is after, although as I look at the photos now, the first one is the other side of the bag.  Oh well, the scroll design was the same.  This is a canvas bag that Marsha of gave me.  Since it was natural canvas, I thought it would work well, but I was a little frustrated.  The texture was heavy enough that the ink wouldn't write a clean line and it was lighter than the printed pattern.  But after a while, I decided it was ok.  I like the bottom pattern more than the top, but it is all good.

It is always fun to learn a new skill!


  1. Love this Louise!!! Isn't Zentangle awesome!!!

  2. Did you use the regular micron pens or fabric pens. It's beautiful. I am completely addicted to zentangling, but I haven't tried fabric yet.

  3. Thanks! I used a fabric pen. I love zentangling too- sometimes I do a little before I go to bed, just to calm down.