Saturday, August 25, 2012

Keyring bead

Oh happy day!  I have my favorite keyring bead again.  Years ago I wired it to my keyring to see if the bead would survive.  It is about 2 1/4" long and thin, and it survived just fine.  The wire has broken several times where it wraps around the keyring, but not the bead.  I had been making a lot of long, thin beads then, and was asked all the time how strong they were.  I think I proved they are not fragile at all!  Over a year ago, it disappeared.  Last weekend, a friend saw it on the floor of my car!  (We won't say anything about how often I clean my car.)  Once again, the wire had broken.  This time I used two lengths of wire to attach it- we will see if that works any better.  I always liked how 'clean' the bead is, and how the cane wraps around it.  I was not trying to wind it evenly; I wanted it to look like a natural vine.  I had grown attached to it, and really missed it.  I am happy that it came back to me!

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