Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Glass Bead Inspirations

Last weekend at the Berks Bead Bazaar, 7 of the bead makers from my new book had dinner Sat night after the show.  We had so much fun making beads for the book, and dinner was like a party!  We all signed each others books, and that turned into a giant hassle.  I told them that was an inkling of what it was like to keep everyone on point and on deadlines!

For the book, I sent each lampworker something to use as inspiration for a bead (photograph, word, painting, etc) and then documented the beads.  It is a good thing to look outside the bead world for inspiration!

Left to right, they are Katy Abbott, Christel Hoffmann, Tamara Melcher, me (Louise Mehaffey), Patti Cahill, Laura Schreiber, and Alice St Germain. 

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