Friday, April 15, 2011

Kiln repair

Yesterday I was in my studio preparing to make beads, but unfortunately when I turned my kiln on, nothing happened!   I was not in the mood for dealing with it, so I turned on my back up kiln and spent the day making beads.  Today I decided to deal with it!  I seemed to remember ordering elements years ago and receiving more than one set, so off I went on the hunt.  In a dusty box, I found 2 sets of elements and the directions for changing them.  After locating screw drivers, wire cutters and needle nose pliers, I tackled removing the old elements, which was definitely in distress, and installing the new ones.  My kiln now works again, and I have the elements for one more repair.  I read some place that they are supposed to work for 10 years, and I haven't come close to that yet.  I am so happy to have my favorite kiln working again!


  1. Way to go Louise!!! I always put off element changes too for my ceramic kilns but had the little one start to take a long time to reach temp, then the big one started too. So I just jumped in too and took care of business (listened to a book on cd while doing them because it took so stinking long for both and I wanted to take my time and not mess it up).

    It's amazing how nice the kiln fires once again… As good as new! Yay!!!

  2. My little kiln has to be way easier to deal with than your ceramic kilns!

  3. Kiln element time here too. I'm embarrassed to say my big kiln was down for two years before we got to it(Bill's my kiln element guy.)