Sunday, December 12, 2010

shower doors

The things I have learned to do over the years.  Two weeks ago my husband managed to pull one of our shower doors off its rollers, and it was so corroded that it couldn't be fixed.  So I have spent the last week shopping for new doors, cleaning and re-caulking the tile, getting the frame for the old doors off and cleaning that tile, and finally, installing the new doors.  Tonight I finished the job, and our shower is usable again.  I am pretty good at caulking!

Years ago when we lived in Ohio, we bought an old house and I spent the next 7 years learning to strip woodwork, smooth rough plaster walls, tile, fix window screens, repair windows, paint, more paint, etc, etc, etc.  I loved it all, and even thought about fixing old houses as a business.  This was all before glass took over my life.

I think creative people are pretty good at just about anything they do. 

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